Launch Day

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Today we are excited to announce the public launch of ZM Advisors, a product strategy advisory firm serving healthcare technology executives, businesses, and investors.

Globally, healthcare is struggling to cope with an aging population, epidemic chronic disease, and soaring costs. New technologies promise to solve these problems but will require business model innovation. Most healthcare technology companies are focused on making today’s businesses successful, so they lack the capacity to address these disruptive threats and opportunities.

ZM Advisors serves healthcare technology clients by leveraging the knowledge, processes, and tools that we have used to create new products, new business models, and new markets for many companies over the past two decades.

We are much more than a consulting firm — we have started, grown, turned around, and exited real businesses. We are not functional or industry generalists, we focus exclusively on product strategy for healthcare technology clients. And we are creating a community of clients whose shared view of the healthcare market and use of common tools and processes will enable more effective partnerships and M&A.

For more information, please contact us.