Elevate Your Product Function: How to release products faster and improve adoption

Elevate Your Product Function:

How to release products faster and improve adoption

You will learn about an exciting new lens to view your organization’s ability to meet your market’s needs. With this new perspective, you will be able to better diagnose and fix the inherent problems within your organization that are keeping your teams from meeting their full potential.

This wholistic approach will help you solve your problems at the root instead of pursuing a quick fix that ultimately won’t get you the results your company is truly capable of.

Here is what you will come away with:
A new lens to diagnose and better understand the challenges within your organization
Maturity models that will help you quickly assess how well your organization is living up to it’s potential
A few concrete examples on how you can apply this new framework at your company
Advice on where to start and what pitfalls to avoid.
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Wednesday, June 26th at 12pm eastern
We are hosting the same webinar on Friday, 6/28 if you would like to

About the presenter

Zach Mortensen
President & Founder of ZM Advisors

Zach provides product strategy guidance to executives and investors in businesses that are navigating through accelerated growth, realignment, and turnaround situations. He enjoys solving hard problems and building the lifelong professional relationships that often result from doing challenging work together. Prior to founding ZM Advisors in 2015, Zach led strategic marketing and product management functions in healthcare technology businesses at Hill-Rom, M*Modal, CareFusion, Microsoft, and other companies, where he managed product portfolios ranging from $10M to over $1B in annual revenue. He is co-founder of Verdigris, whose mission is to bring banking to the unbanked and underbanked populations in the United States and beyond. When Zach is not working, you will likely find him on a long training run for an upcoming race.

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