Healthcare technology business leaders face a tradeoff critical to their long-term success: Investing in their current offerings versus building for the future. Many leaders, especially those who are capable commercial and operational managers, tend to favor managing today’s businesses. But even leaders who are capable strategists will sometimes invest too little in new products or business models due to the pressure of delivering short-term results and the uncertainty of future returns.

A strong product strategist can help bridge the gap between the vision of a business leader and execution-oriented functional leadership. But companies frequently spend a year or more searching for a qualified candidate who, if this person succeeds in delivering a clear strategy and roadmap to realize the leader’s vision, frequently (and ironically) becomes redundant.

We created ZM Advisors to bridge the gap between vision and execution in healthcare technology businesses, using knowledge, processes, and tools that have produced outstanding results in healthcare technology businesses over the past two decades. Among our services to business leaders, we provide the following:

  • Strategy advisor/coach
  • Business model transformation
  • Product portfolio management
  • Interim functional leadership
  • Sourcing and evaluating M&A and partnership opportunities

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