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Value Proposition Workshop

Solve Your Challenges at the Root

You can use the Value Proposition Workshop to fix your challenges at the core. The following are the most common concerns that the workshop helps to resolve:

  • Your product organization feels like they are always spread too thin.
  • There are too many priorities. New critical items come up before recent opportunities are launched.
  • It feels like everything we launch is nearly custom. The installation base for each version of our product is relatively limited, but we have many versions of each product live in the field.
  • Our entire organization (sales, service, management, etc) talks about the value of our product in very different ways.
  • Key customers frequently ask for roadmap discussions… they want to know “where we’re headed.”
Build Upon Your Capabilities

With our help, you can assess your organization’s ability to conceptualize, build and launch successful solutions. We will use our maturity models to assess and chart a path to optimize your strategy, structure, process and people. You can use the Value Proposition Workshop to improve your strategy, structure and processes.


Accomplish Real Results During the Workshop

You will immediately begin applying the following principles:

Jobs To Be Done:

  • Create prioritized list of buyer and user personas
  • Outline jobs to be done for buyers & users

Strategy Mapping:

  • Review underserved market problems
  • Identify where greatest value is created with current portfolio

Value Proposition Canvases:

  • Choose highest priority buyers & jobs
  • Work as break out teams to complete the value proposition canvas

Gap analysis:

  • Score current portfolio on current market position
  • Create final heat map for core value drivers within value proposition that require focus
Involve the Right Members of Your Team

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you invite the following to participate in the workshop:

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Product Marketers

Head of Product Management

Software Architects

Head of Engineering or Development

Subject Matter Experts

Product Managers

Cross Functional Leaders

Get the Most Out of the Workshop by Preparing

With our help, you can get more value from the workshop by preparing us and your team. Here is what we recommend:

  • One on one discovery discussions with the key participants and a ZM Advisors consultant
  • Participation from all participants in an online questionnaire used to assess your current situation
  • Roadmap and portfolio documentation provided by product management
  • Initial list of buyers, users and jobs to be done from product management

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